“Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much”


As a growing organization, we are always open to partner with other individuals and organizations to help move our mission forward. If you are interested in partnering with us on this journey, please contact us.


We are open to:


Financial partners: Provide financial support to help support mission. 


Promotional partners: Agree to share our content to their network to help us spread the word of our causes and campaigns.

Collaborative partners: Help us to provide services to our clients that we do not offer.


We look forward to partnering with you to better our community.

Our organization is an agency participant with the HUBCAPS (Harrisburg Uptown Building Coalition & Partnership Services).  We are one of 11 agencies that receive weekly one-on-one guidance and consultation from the owner of the leased facility from which we provide our services and maintain office space for our administrative needs. 


The owner (CRAM, Inc.) and Founder (Juanita Edrington-Grant) is a highly experienced nonprofit consultant that provide a 6-step/6-month program for new nonprofits.  These steps take the participating agency from incorporating to writing grants and establishing the legal structure of the Pennsylvania corporation law.  Upon completion of the 6-step/6-month process, we continue the collaboration and partnership as an agency that becomes a partner in the larger (federal and state) grants for which we would operate as a subcontractor and receive funding from those grants awarded to CRAM, Inc. 


A list of additional organizations that we partner with, for sharing of services provided to the clients, are as follows:

Christian Recovery Aftercare Ministry, Inc.

(specializes in providing services to exoffenders, veterans and their families)

PA Diversity Coalition

(specializes in shared values of equity and equality for the under-served, under-privileged, and under-represented black and brown people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)

TLC Work-based Training Programs, Inc.

(specializes in carpentry apprenticeship services)