about us

Nelson Community Services Inc (NCSI) is a 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Organization that was established by Founder and CEO Rhonda Nelson and Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer Brianna Nelson. While working in her profession Mrs. Rhonda Nelson noticed a pattern of family and friends reaching out to her for help. They needed help with finding simple resources for parents who were caring for children with disabilities, or resources on how to get loved ones out of nursing homes and into their homes without needing to be the primary caregiver… and many more.


After experiencing first hand, what is like to go through life transitions without knowing what resources are available Mrs. Rhonda Nelson decided to commit to being the resource in her community to help other individuals and families uncover solutions which aren’t easily found.


In 2020 she and her daughter co-founded Nelson Community Services Inc (NCSI).


To provide human and social services to people in the community with a special focus on housing


Clients experience resources and opportunities to prevent homelessness and secure stable/permanent housing

NCSI provides human and social services to people in the community with a special focus on housing. We are dedicated to providing referral and support services to the target population of Youth, Seniors, Veterans, Ex-offenders, and…individuals with Disabilities, Substance Abuse barriers, Opioid Addiction, as well as families. Our services include, but are not limited to the following programs:

  • Basic Needs (food, clothing, shelter and transportation)

  • Independent Living for Seniors/Individuals with Disabilities

  • Housing (Rental Assistance, security deposits, education and community resources)

  • Mentoring (credit, one-on-one, group sessions, etc.)

  • Youth Programs

  • Family Support Services

officers & Board Members

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Rhonda Nelson

Founder CEO

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Brianna Nelson

Chief Financial Officer

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Meb Graves


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Serena Saunders-Bagna

Vice President

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Carmen Battle


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Kesia Alston

Board Member